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the accumulated depletion of a natural resource is reported on the

Investors were stunned at news that Royal Dutch Shell had signifi cantly overstated its reported oil reserves. The units-of-activity depreciation schedule, using assumed mileage, is as follows. Zhang makes the following summary entry to record the purchase and related expenditures.

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Buildings, machinery, and equipment are all examples of capital goods. Percentage depletion is a federal tax deduction for depreciation related to the business of extracting nonrenewable resources from the earth.

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C2Explain depreciation for partial years and changes in estimates. Partial-year depreciation is often required because assets are bought and sold throughout the year. Depreciation is revised when changes in estimates such as salvage value and useful life occur.

  • Even if you do not use the asset, a measure of annual depreciation for that asset will still be recorded for accounting purposes in recognized depreciation tables.
  • The line costs, which were rental fees paid to other phone companies to use their phone lines, had always been properly expensed in previous years.
  • Deducting capital expenses over an assets useful life is an example of amortization, which measures the use of an intangible assets value, such as copyright, patent, or goodwill.
  • Costs to make the building ready for its intended use include expenditures for remodeling and replacing or repairing the roof, fl oors, electrical wiring, and plumbing.

We recognize and measure impairment loss differently depending on whether the asset is being held for use or held for sale. For assets being held for use, different guidelines apply to tangible and intangible assets with finite useful lives and intangible assets with indefinite useful lives. Finally, because goodwill is a unique intangible asset with an indefinite useful life, there is yet another difference in accounting treatment.

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Thus, Hero Supermarket debits to Land Improvements the total of all of these costs. Land improvements have limited useful lives, and their maintenance and replacement are the responsibility of the company. As a result, companies expense the cost of land improvements over their useful lives. We multiply the depletion rate of QR.25 per ton times the 13,000 mined to get QR.325,000 of total depletion.

  • It works by assigning a fixed percentage to gross income to allocate expenses.
  • As natural resources are extracted, they are counted and taken out from the property’s basis.
  • We begin the process of calculating depletion expense by determining the depletion expense per unit of the natural resource.
  • If revaluation is chosen, all assets within the class of intangibles must be revalued on a regular basis.

Typically, a company fails to collect all of the money owed by customers making purchases on credit. The amount a company records as allowance for doubtful accounts is the amount from its accounts receivable the company considers uncollectible. Contra assets and contra liabilities are listed on a company’s balance sheet and carry balances opposite of their related accounts. Unlike regular assets and liabilities, contra assets typically keep a credit balance and contra liabilities typically keep a debit balance. Managers and investors must understand contra accounts to accurately analyze a company’s balance sheet and determine the organization’s financial position. As with the straight-line example, the asset could be used for more than five years, with depreciation recalculated at the end of year five using the double-declining balance method.


It results in an equal amount of depreciation in each year of an asset’s useful life. The annual depreciation is determined by dividing the asset’s cost less its estimated residual value by the asset’s estimated useful life in years. Calculation of Depletion Expense – Finally, the units extracted for a period are multiplied depletion rate per unit in order to calculate the depletion expense for that period. Depletion is an accrual accounting method used to allocate the cost of extracting natural resources such as timber, minerals, and oil from the earth. Answer each of the following related to international accounting standards.

the accumulated depletion of a natural resource is reported on the

Accumulated depreciation after three years (2014–2016) is €7,200 (€2, ), and book value is €5,800 (€13,000 2 €7,200). The new annual depreciation is €1,200, as shown in Illustration 9-17. These assets are considered natural resources while they are still part of the land; as they are extracted from the land and converted into products, they are then accounted for as inventory . Natural resources are recorded on the company’s the accumulated depletion of a natural resource is reported on the books like a fixed asset, at cost, with total costs including all expenses to acquire and prepare the resource for its intended use. Instead of using a contra‐asset account to record accumulated depletion, companies may also decrease the balance of natural resources directly. Therefore, depletion expense of $5,000,000 might be recorded by debiting depletion expense for $5,000,000 and crediting the gold mine for $5,000,000.

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